about jenspinky

Doing what I do best – shopping for kitchen utensils that I don’t need.

Doing what I do best – shopping for kitchen utensils that I don’t need.

Lots of popular blogs have a list of FAQs. Mine does not have nearly enough visitors, so here is a list of NAQs (never-been asked questions).

Why is the blog called 'jenspinky'?

  • When I was a child, I was emotionally attached to a stuffed animal named Pinky. That's all.

Are you even Asian???

  • I actually did receive this question once on my onigiri YouTube video (link here). Someone clearly seemed upset at my poor chopstick skills. I am Taiwanese, and in my defense, I hold both pens and chopsticks improperly.

How did you learn how to cook/bake?

  • Trial & error with lots of errors. The trick to developing any skill is to not mind sucking at it. 

Why do you provide measurements in weight instead of volume? And why do other recipes have such imprecise measurements ('a handful of...')?

  • Baking is a science - the ratios between ingredients in baked goods is crucial. Weight measurements are more accurate than volume measurements. Try measuring a cup of flour and then weighing it. Then, measure another cup of flour and weigh it. I guarantee there's a 5-10% differential between the two cups.
  • Cooking is an art - you have freedom to improvise with different ingredients and amounts. Remember: always taste and adjust as you are cooking.

How is your blog different from the millions of other blogs out there?

  • You got me there. No more questions!