A Hole-in-One Breakfast

hole in one breakfast

Here, we have an adorable medley of bread, butter, and eggs merged in such a perfect, palatable way that it makes me wonder why it took 26 years to encounter such "recipe." Considering I spend half my free time scouring recipes on the internet (and the other half attempting such recipes), it really is an oversight on my part.

Actually, this recipe came from a cookbook - the one shown in the background. David Tanis' One Good Dish is full of simple, no-fuss, and no-fail guides. I call them guides instead of recipes because he's purposely so flexible with his instructions! I won't retype the recipe here, out of respect and fear of getting sued. 

Essentially, all you need are: (1) a piece of toast, (2) a cookie cutter, (3) butter, (4) an egg, and (5) a hot pan. You figure it out.

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