On Transformation (continued)

Part One: 

See previous post.

Part Two: High School

There’s really no story to tell here. I ate whatever the heck I wanted, never worked out, and was still skinny. I hate the old me.

Part Three: College

My perspective on fitness changed drastically between the first two years of college and the last two years. As a freshman, I once walked to the gym from the dorms, decided that was enough exercise, and took the bus home. Just ridiculous. I ate at “late night,” which is basically where the school cafeteria takes the day’s leftovers and deep-fries the shit out of them. If you were lucky, they would even top it with nacho cheese. The only thing in my mini-refrigerator was Haazen-Dazs green tea ice cream. This is getting so specific that you know I’m not making any of it up. Needless to say, I gained a lot of weight. The weight gain was gradual, but the realization was not. I literally looked in the mirror one day and thought, “Whoa, I'm chubbs."

The great thing about this moment was that I didn’t freak out (like I would now). I just thought, “Hey it could be worse!” and went on with my day. I didn’t create a food plan or Google weight-loss tips. I just decided to eat less shit food, but not cut it out completely. And this worked! I mean, it took months I’m sure, but eventually I felt better physically and mentally. My skin improved a bit because I wasn’t ordering deep-fried food every time I ate out. And I could breathe in my skinny jeans again. Life was good.

Junior year of college, I tried my first yoga class at the university gym. Downward dog was the most painful position my body had ever been in. I gave up yoga and tried pilates. Somehow, pilates was easier on my body, so I started attending the 8 am pilates classes at the RSF every Tuesday and Thursday. My motivation wasn’t to gain a better body. I just liked the way I mentally and physically felt afterward. It was like I had been stuck in an old person’s body and I magically regained my youth through this simple change. The morning gym sessions became a habit that I would continue for the next 6 years!

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